Crossback to belay sequence

Part 1 –
Part 2 –


Sling sequence with split

Hip key sequence

Rocking horse to split to belay

Tension lock variations from SSH

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There is only one session left for @versatilearts in its current home. While I know the future will be bigger and brighter in every way for this community, it can’t help but feel bittersweet to only have one more session of teaching in the room I took MY first aerial class from the one and only @b_sobelman all those years ago. I have so much gratitude for her and everyone at VA… my time there has made me who I am today. I found this first fun transition while I was prepping for my “Fabric Theory” class (the only class I still have space in)… a same side leg hook is just a thigh hitch is just a tension lock… and vice versa… how many ways can we transition from one to the other? – #aerialsilks #aerialtissu #aerialfabric #tissu #silks #aerialist #circuslife #aerialnation #aerialdance #fabricwitchcraft #versatilearts #seattle

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