Rotisserie entry to crossback straddle followed by knee hang from crossback


Manual belay from arabesque

Our THIRD belay in Suspend's BELAY A DAY IN MAY – 31 Days of Belay Challenge – is the Manual Belay from an Arabesque. Our first few belays are relatively simple and non-inverted, and can be done from the ground. We will be increasing the complexity and difficulty as the month progresses. Thanks to @megjwallace and @millaysian for demonstrating! ****** In the aerial community, lots of wonderful people create or discover moves. If you've created or discovered this move, or know someone who has, please let us know – we would love to give proper credit! If you would like to try this belay, please make sure to be in a safe aerial space with professional supervision. This video is not a substitute for proper instruction ***** Play along with us! Post your belay video to IG and hashtag #belayadayinmay or #belayswithsuspend WE LOVE TO PLAY WITH BELAYS!!! #suspendlouisville #belayadayinmay #belayswithsuspend #belayeverydamnday #cirque #aerialarts #circusarts #aerialsilk #aerialist #aerialtissue #belay #circuseverydamnday

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