Hipkey (with threaded leg) sequence to knee hang

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Ever since I took @heelhang sling workshop I’ve been playing with ways to adapt the Russian Rock and Roll skill she taught me on sling to split fabric. This is tricky and awesome on split fabric because the tail changes sides of the wrap when you tuck thru 360 degrees. This combo turns a split pole hipkey into a thigh hitch seat, then drops to single knee hang. Also played with a new exit to thigh hitch seat to complete this brain teaser . . . . Spring took its sweet time coming to Vermont this year but it is finally here! I forgot how much work it is in the extra 5 feet of height and on high stretch fabric 😅. . . . #natacronin #aerialist #aerialsilks #aerialarts #silks #aerialdance #circus #circusarts #vermont #aerialnerd #aerialsilk #splits #danzaaerea #flexibilty #acrotelas #acrobacia #acrobaciaentelas #aerialdrop

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Secretary Drop technique

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Technique Tip Tuesday – The Secretary Drop Oh, the infamous Secretary Drop! Many who try it get frozen with fear the moment before they are about to drop. The Secretary is a drop that you don't have any safety or wraps holding you in, the success of the drop relies on your technique. There are many factors that can make this drop more accessible. Keep reading for some insider tips. 1️⃣ Never practice drops without a crash mat and a live experienced instructor guiding you. Trying to figure out a drop and practicing it alone or with a group of peers, is extremely dangerous and not advised whatsoever. 2️⃣ Practice walking the drop down as many times as you need, until you feel comfortable and understand the pathway. 3️⃣ If you are on a right side Secretary, the tail will be draping to your left side. When you grab the tail make sure both thumbs are pointing up, this way when you land in the drop, your hand placement is correct and you don't risk hurting your wrist. 4️⃣ Your shoulders and head lean toward the tail as your outside right leg extends to the side with a flexed foot. The moment your foot makes contact with the pole, sickle it around for support. 5️⃣ Do not take your opposing leg out from between the poles until your foot is secure, this is a very common mistake that can lead to ending in a straddle or falling. Once you are confident with the drop, the leg that is between the poles extends behind you the moment you feel your foot make contact with the pole to make the drop more dynamic. 6️⃣ Your grip and your top sickled foot are the only 2 things supporting you. 7️⃣ If you miss your foot around the pole, you'll either end on the mat as I did in the video, in a straddle, or worst case, in a fall if you lose your grip. By focusing on a firm flex and extending your leg to the side while you drop, it can help ensure the success of your foot placement. 8️⃣ Your grip is king, do not let go! 9️⃣ After you have arrived at the end of the drop you can release your top foot, pass through a straddle and come down or hook your knee and climb above it. • 🔟 Patience is key, don't force yourself into it if you don’t trust your technique yet.

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Secretary to lotus seat

Exit from secretary with shin against front fabric

(if you cross free leg at tend into lotus position, this will work for lotus seat)

Secretary to lotus seat (need video)

  • Details – Start in secretary.  Roll arms off to direction that knee is pointing.  one arm to back pole…one arm to front pole…push shin against far pole…thread back pole on butt and cross leg into lotus