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Meathook training suggestions

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Technique Tip Tuesday ✨ Oh the Meat Hook, the challenging skill with the most unfortunate name. Meat Hooks take strength, proper alignment & patience. Not only are they excellent for conditioning they eventually are used within pathways into skills such as S-Wrap. They translate to many other apparatuses & are a staple skill for an aerialist. 1️⃣ If you can't hold a straddle inversion with your hips lifted, collarbones wide & upper back active then you’ll want to focus on strengthening your straddle first. Many struggle with their Meat Hooks due to an incorrect straddle. Practicing holding an aligned static straddle for 10-20 seconds at a time will help. 2️⃣ If your straddle is up to par, then keep reading. Most find this easiest to learn with split fabrics although there are exceptions to that. It’s helpful to utilize wrist locks for support. 3️⃣ Progression #1 Tick Tock – From your straddle, begin to lower one leg toward your shoulder as the opposite leg extends up. Focus on maintaining external rotation of your bottom leg. Lift the opposite leg until the top of your foot/lower shin meet the back of the pole. When transitioning to the other side think of lifting up & over as if you’re drawing a rainbow with your toes. 4️⃣ Progression #2 Half Hook – From the Tick Tock progression, keep your bottom leg where it is & lower your top leg until it’s parallel to the floor. Notice in the video Jill’s legs are piking forward of the poles, if your legs wander behind the poles it’s likely you’ll fall out of the skill. When you arrive in your Half Hook place your forearm across your hips like a seatbelt & keep your bottom shoulder active. Think about maintaining length in your side between your hip and lowest rib. Your pinkie finger & top hip should be a couple inches apart at most. If there is a large gap & you feel discomfort in your ribcage you are sinking to low. 5️⃣ Progression #3 Meat Hook – Keep the same position as you did in your Half Hook, this time your top leg meets your bottom leg. If done correctly you should feel that you can release your weight completely in your opposite hand. Transition to your 2nd side keeping your hips lifted.

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