Cupid entrance to 360 drop

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My aerial theory manual is available now!! Follow the link in my bio. Learn skills that make learning sequences easy 😘 when you take on a sequence, it's easier if you already know the skills and what you're looking for. My book breaks down aerial silks skills with easy to follow photos and instructions. Proximal: An Introduction to Aerial Theory 🤩🤩🤩 Thanks to Julia @aerialhorizon for teaching me this super sneaky entrance into 360°wrap 😘 And I thought it flowed nicely into that turn-around 360°drop 💃🤓 I'll be at @vertigo.ecuador judging the competition and teaching from July 4-9. Come take class with me ♥️ #aerialsilks #aerialdesign #aerialrope #cordelisse #circus #cirque #circuseverydamnday #aerialarts #aerialdance #aerialinspiration #aerialist #aerialtissue #aerialtissu #tecidoacrobatico #danzaaerea #acrobatics #aerialnation #aerialbeauty #aerialistofig #aerial #athletic #strong #flexible #aerialfabric #pepearts #circusinspiration

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Fancy feet tutorial

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Technique Tip Tuesday – Fancy Feet ✨Fancy Feet is an efficient way to get an X on your lower back for Cross-Back Straddle without foot locks. It's also a quick set up for drops that require one X behind you prior to hooking your knees and climbing up. Keep reading for insider tips! 1) Start from split fabrics with your legs squeezing together. Begin by passing your legs through the center & bend your knees. Circle your legs out & around one tail (video shows the right side) bend your knees bringing your knees to the left and heels to the right as you scoop the tail up with your feet. 2) Draw your knees toward your chest with the tail remaining to the outside of your left foot and place both feet to the outside of the free fabric (opposite tail). • 3) Bring both heels toward your bum & open your legs into a straddle, you should have one tail on either side of you. As you lift your legs into a straddle, simultaneously straighten your arms to allow for the X to arrive on your lower back and the tails to fall on your upper inner thighs. The higher you're able to lift your legs in the straddle, the better chance you'll have of the X landing in the right spot. • 4) Once the X is on your back, thread your legs through the center and perform Egg Beaters. Invert into a straddle. • 5) To exit, retrace your inversion path & join your legs together. Grab the fabric that is closest to your back. If you began circling to the right you'll grab the right side. To make for a smooth transition, place your right hand on the right pole and reach your left arm through the center, be sure to keep your legs together. • *Alternative Wrap – Once you've straddled & the tails arrive on your upper inner thighs skip the Egg Beaters and invert & hook your knees through the center instead. It's a quick set-up for Single Fallen Angel. Be cautious as you only have one X behind you and not a double cross. • ✨We'd love to see your progress! Tag #iloveap for a chance to be featured on Fridays!

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Tension lock variations from SSH

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There is only one session left for @versatilearts in its current home. While I know the future will be bigger and brighter in every way for this community, it can’t help but feel bittersweet to only have one more session of teaching in the room I took MY first aerial class from the one and only @b_sobelman all those years ago. I have so much gratitude for her and everyone at VA… my time there has made me who I am today. I found this first fun transition while I was prepping for my “Fabric Theory” class (the only class I still have space in)… a same side leg hook is just a thigh hitch is just a tension lock… and vice versa… how many ways can we transition from one to the other? – #aerialsilks #aerialtissu #aerialfabric #tissu #silks #aerialist #circuslife #aerialnation #aerialdance #fabricwitchcraft #versatilearts #seattle

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Open footlock to unicorn prance entry to belay