Belay from cross front footlocks


Belay from modified crossback entry

Split balance variation

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Joe (@joe_pinzon) is a magician on silks! If you haven’t heard he’s now teaching at Aerial Physique on Wednesday nights. Joe keeps it real, his biggest aerial pet peeve is inauthentic artistry. Keep reading to learn some fun facts about him! •Favorite aerial skill? No-handed wheel downs • •One thing you can't live without? Lip balm • •Favorite place you've traveled to? Bilbao, Spain. Beautiful architecture, great artistic vibe, and warm people! •How would your BFF describe you? Super direct, funny, and insightful •Dog or cat person? I’m kinda allergic to both, but I appreciate them from a distance 😉 • Favorite food? ICE CREAM •Favorite song to rock out to in the car? Meditation by Goldlink. NSFW!

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Rotisserie entry to crossback straddle followed by knee hang from crossback