Pointed Foot Single Ankle Hang

Single ankle hang demo (dos and don’ts)

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Technique Tip Tuesday – Single Ankle Hang I know.. it's a painful one, many even avoid it all together. The good news is, after more practice the less painful it becomes. Understanding the proper pathway and where exactly the fabric should be placed can help! Below are some insider tips to have you hanging from your ankle with ease! 1️⃣Begin from a Classic Climb (shown on the right side in the video). Squat down with the pole of the fabric between your legs. Place your right hand in front of your chest and use your left hand to grab the tail just to the outside of your feet. 2️⃣Keep your feet pressing together as you lean back (a common mistake is releasing the top foot too soon). Firmly flex your bottom (right) foot as you guide the pole of the fabric across the top of it toward your baby toe. Once you see the fabric is in the proper place and feel secure (no sickled feet allowed) then remove your top foot off and extend your leg behind you. Simultaneously release your top hand from the pole, your bottom hand must continue to hold the tail for safety. 3️⃣Keep your foot flexed and ankle hang leg completely straight. Tighten the muscles in your leg to help support your weight and lessen the strain on your hip. The opposite leg can do an array of shapes including an arabesque, attitude and many more, feel free to get creative here! 4️⃣When you are ready to exit, check that the tail is on your free leg side (not the ankle hang side). For a clean exit extend your free leg behind you and place the tail near your hip. Begin to climb up the tail followed by reaching for the pole above your ankle hang. Once you grab the pole with both hands begin to pull up as you simultaneously cross your free leg over your ankle hang leg (left over right). Sit on the heel of your ankle hang foot for support, at this point, both feet can point. 5️⃣From here, simply lengthen your legs underneath you and allow the tail to fall from your hip toward your feet and step on the fabric. • ✨Learn more Single Ankle Hang shapes on Aerial Physique TV! Take advantage of a FREE 3 – DAY – TRIAL and gain instant access to hundreds of aerial silk tutorials. Subscribe today – link in bio!

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