From a performance in Chapel Hill, NC

This is a “glossary” of aerial silks moves that I have put together based on videos in the public domain on YouTube.  While specific names of moves and sequences vary from studio to studio, I have tried to tag clips for easy searching.

In addition, I have modified the video URLs with time stamps when appropriate so that the video will only play the exact move that is mentioned.

See the categories across the top of this page to access the catalog of video clips.

Special thanks to Triangle Yoga in Chapel Hill, NC for offering wonderful aerial dance classes and workshops that have inspired me to keep learning more about this apparatus!  Happy flying!

– Kirsten Barker (kjbarker@gmail.com)

*Disclaimer, I have not personally tested all the moves that are included in this site. Please use caution when attempting any aerial dance move.  You should always practice with mats and supervision while you are learning new elements.


10 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. So excited to find this by accident today and know instantly that it was your creation, thank you so much for the incredible archive! I miss hanging with you and the gang!


  2. Hey Kirsten,

    found your site on accident and just wanted to say wow .. thanks for this awesome libary .. I use it with so much happiness.. everytime when I go to class I get to pick a new excercise to try! I wish I could thank you or give you something in return.. but for now at least you may have my eternal gratitude! 😀


      1. the move at 5:49 i”ve been practising for years now but no idea what it”s called! one of my favorites
        have you seen it before?


  3. Hey There, I’m currently trying to train for this circus school in Seattle and was wondering if you had any strength training/ upper body training suggestions. I don’t have access to any equipment as of yet but I am determined!!. Please help.


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